Batt Spinning for the Tour de Fleece

batt bundle collage.jpg

I ordered this Mork Made Fiber Co. batt a while ago. I fell in love with it online, bought it and never took it out of the box. I didn't want it to get squashed in my stash or extra fuzzed by being tossed around.

I finally decided to spin it for the Tour de Fleece this year, and cracked the box. It's still gorgeous. Plus a found a surprise inside - thank you Nicole!

I opened the batt and spent some time petting it and studying the color layout. The fibers are alpaca, silk, wool, sparkle and other sexy smooth things.

The back of the batt is black alpaca. I was attracted to this batt because of the brightness, so I stripped away a bit of the black.

I pulled off a strip, divided it horizontally and spun it two ways, with the grain of the batt and from the fold. Even with a little sample like that I was able to tell that it would look different. The yarn on the left is spun with the grain and the colors are more mixed together. The yarn on the right is from the fold and the colors separated, especially the black. They did not want to hang together spun from the fold.

I like my colors mixed and tweedy,  spinning with the grain of the batt won. I pulled the batt into roving, spun it from the end and plied it on itself.

I wish I had bought the second batt in this colorway, I really like this yarn and the batt was such an effortless spin, over much too soon!

My Tour de Fleece spinning this year has nothing to do with quantity. It's all about squeaking in spinning between the business of our summer. Right now I'm working on another Mork Made batt, core spun and chain plied.

What are you spinning?