More Batt Spinning - Layered Batts and Color

I've been spinning fresh samples for my Batts in the Belfry:Spinning Batts class. Spinning samples never gets old because I always see something a little differently.

This is a layered batt from Essential Fiber. It's brown, green and white. I wanted to see how the colors would play out, depending on the direction I spun the batt.

I divided the batt in two horizontally and pulled one half into roving in the direction of the batt's grain. The other half I rolled with the grain and pulled into roving against the grain. I spun them both into chubby singles and knit stockinette swatches.

The yarn and swatch on the left is the with the grain and the yarn and swatch on the right is against the grain. The yarn looks very similar color-wise, but the yarn spun against the grain mixes the colors, they look sprinkled. The colors in the yarn spun from the end are blotchier, there are areas of distinct colors rather than heathery color. Today I like my colors more mixed, but I may have a project in the future that wants the broken up colors, so I'm happy to have this as a reference.