Stone Fabric in the Louvre

On our family vacation this summer I spent a tiny (2 hours) amount of time in the Louvre. We saw some of the greatest hits, but what really struck me were the sculptures.

When I visit an art museum I tend to fixate on one thing - color, texture, particular animals in pictures, beautiful fat women, beards, just about anything can strike me on a particular day.

I think it's my way of not being overwhelmed in a museum with so much to look at.




On this trip, at this museum, it was the depiction of fabric in Greek and Roman sculpture.

The detail and drape, the motion, it's amazing. I've never been much interested in sculpture and have no idea how the sculptors manage the fluidity in something rigid.

 I was mesmerized by it, going from one to the next. Here are few pictures I took while I tried not to touch the sculptures.