Corefun - Playing with Yarn

This week I needed a little yarn play time.

I'm trying to spend some time every day crafting without a deadline. Just whatever occurs to me that day. Sometimes it will last over a couple of days, but usually never more than three.

I found that I've been crafting solely for deadlines and while I don't enjoy it less, there was a little something missing.

So random crafting has become a thing at my house.

I spun some corespun yarn and turned it into two different yarns.

I used a batt from Mork Made Fiber Co and corespun it on Jaggerspun Zephyr wool/silk lace weight yarn. I don't corespin particularly evenly and this helped me practice that.

I intended to chain-ply the whole bit, but my love of spiral plying got in the way.

I chain plied as much as I could stand. I am just not a huge fan of the structure of chain-ply. I do use it and I keep trying to find ways to like it, but it's definitely not a go-to structure for me.

I tend to over twist in the ply, which leads to harder yarn, that's one reason for being, meh on the chain. The other is the constant comparison to 3-ply. Nope. I find the more I think about it as completely separate from 3-ply the more I can accept it into my spinning repertoire. It's a personal spinning weirdness.

I spiral plied most of the yarn. I used the Zephyr as the core- it's stronger than it looks. Of the three yarns, I like it the best.

Right now spiral plying is my favorite. It's just fun to do an so fast!



Here's a peek at the three yarns a little closer and side by side. This was a fun diversion from work spinning.

What did you do for fun this week?