What Do You Call This Style of Color on Fiber


I bought this fab Corriedale from Jill at Hipstrings at the SSK marketplace, the color is called Warm Woolen Mittens.

What do you call the way the color is presented on the fiber? It's done at the mill rather than in dyepots, though the dyers still choose and sometimes dye the colors. Jill calls it blended.

I might call it striped. It looks like Grandma's candydish ribbon candy to me.

I've been excited to see how it spins up. Since I only have one braid (silly me), I waited a bit to see if it asked to be something specific.

Nothing really came to me, so decided to spin a little just to see how the colors blended. I spun a quarter of the braid, woolen but finer than usual for me.




And boy did those colors blend. The colors get duller becasue of the intermingling, true, but it makes a glorious heathered yarn.

As soon as I saw a bit on my bobbin I knew what yarn I wanted to spin.

Yep, I want to see this type of blended color spun into a cabled yarn.

What yarns do you make out of this type of striped fiber?