Savage Hart-Savage Heart Sweater Spin

savage hart sample (1).jpg

I am still more than a little smitten with the idea of making a Savage Hart-Savage Heart.

Part of me wants to wait for the most perfect project in the world (to be named at a later time) to use the Corriedale roving I talked about last week. There is a louder, bossier voice that is saying what's more perfect than a Savage Hart-Savage Heart.

Savage Heart Cardigan by Amy Christoffers, photos by Amy Christoffers.

Savage Heart Cardigan by Amy Christoffers, photos by Amy Christoffers.

For those of you just tuning into my brain argument about spinning, I bought 2 lbs of Corrie lamb roving from Savage Hart Farm when I was in Vermont. That's a pretty rare thing, to stumble on. I have also been circling Amy Christoffers Savage Heart Cardigan. Putting the two together seems like a perfect pairing, no?

I did a quick sample, on my Flatiron, draftng the roving woolen, but not long draw. I relaxed into the spin, letting it be inconsistent and enjoying the hell out of the delicious and perfect prep and fiber.

savage hart sample closer.jpg

It is even preitter spun, it goes from lookng mostly brown in the roving to deep mysterious brown with charcoal undertones in the yarn. I knit my bit of yarn, and it's spot on the gauge of the sweater.

I knit the swatch using needles bigger than I would if I had spun the yarn from top or if it was a commercial yarn. Why? It had incredible spring, and sponginess.

It's the magical combination of roving plus woolen draft. It makes a yarn with enough air, and Corriedale is a breed with enough character, that the yarn works at a variety of gauges.

I'm off to SAFF (actually I'm there right now), and then I go to Florida to teach at the Magical Fiber Retreat. I have a few weeks to mull it all over, to study the pattern, and to plan my next samples.

What are you working on?