Vermont S&W Fiber - Corriedale Lamb Roving and Cashmere

I promised you a post on the fiber I bought at Vermont Sheep & Wool, get ready for fiber lust. I shopped at two booths and am thrilled and itchy-fingered by what I bought.

VT cashmere bumps.jpg

The first day I taught, another teacher was sharing the space with me. She taught spinning cashmere and raised cashmere goats.

The moment I touched her samples, I knew I would open my wallet in her booth. I did. I bought 2 oz of 100% cashmere (on the right) and 2 ounces of a cashmere/silk blend (on the left). The farm is Boreas Farm Cashmere from Newark, Vermont. She doesn’t have a website.

These are earmarked to become something for my husband. My man has developed a wool allergy, wool around his head or face makes him congested, so cashmere it is for him.

VT corrie close.jpg

I went to the Savage Hart booth to look (and probably buy) yarn. I love Amy Christoffers’ Savage Heart Cardigan that she knit out of Savage Hart Cormo yarn. When I got to Peggy’s booth I found out she raises Corriedales and she had a big bag of lamb roving….you know what happened. I asked for two pounds and one of my students, Vicki (hi!) who was speed shopping with me, got the other two pounds.

Look at it! I may have done a little dance around it in the booth. This may well become a Savage Hart Savage-Heart Meta Cardigan this winter.

I am not going to Rhinebeck this year, please hug each other for me!