Before the bustle of US Thanksgiving starts I want to take a minutre to say, "Thank you!". I am so grateful for all of the people who make it possible for me to keep doing this job I love. Every year it gets better.

The folks at Knitty and PLY, the spinners and knitters who take my classes, buy my book, hire me to write books and articles, invite me to teach, read my blog and newsletter, all of you allow me to spin and knit and weave as a job.

The people who are closer get an extra thanks becasue once in a while (or very often) I need to be told, "You can do it" or be coaxed out from under the couch with treats.

Thank you! It's becasue of all of you standing behind me that when a smug someone says, "You can make a living doing that?", I get to answer with a giant dimples a-blazing smile, "Yes!".