Here's to an Unstuck December

unstuck dec.jpeg

As the year winds down I'm feeling a little stuck. Stuck in the way where I feel like I'm marching in place; I'm feeling creatively run down. I've had a busy year, a wonderful year, but I need to shift something for this last little bit.

I want to really recharge the creative part of me and get ready for 2019, which is already shaping up to be different than I thought it would.

I've decided to do something creative every day in December, a little something that doesn't have to do with any kind of a deadline. It can be something that doesn't have to do with fiber, like coloring, or something useful and creative, like finally hemming my teaching apron, or something that stretches my fiber skills, like working on spinning beehives. I will do it for 5 minutes or 50, it just depends on the day.

I worked hard this year and I want to give myself this little gift to say thanks and recharge. I'm excited, and of course pilling up things to do.

What do you do to get unstuck?