New Pattern for Handspun: Bluemoon Cowl

bluemoonBEAUTY (1).jpg

I have a new pattern out in the Winter Knitty Surprise, Bluemoon Cowl. A simple cowl designed to use every bit of a 4 ounce braid of fiber, spun into thick and thin spiral-ply yarn.

I used Hipstrings [75% 23 micron Merino. 25% Mulberry Silk]; color: Supernatural, a great combination of matte Merino and shiny silk. I emphasized the fibers' attributes by spinning the core ply worsted, bringing up the shine of the silk, and the Merino takes over in the thick and thin ply with it's pillowy puff.

For those of you curious, that model is doing great in college. She has good friends, great grades and her team is undefeated for the season.


BM cowl flat.jpg


I knew I wanted the stitch pattern to be simple, drapey, and to show off the yarn. I used a combination of stockinette and reverse stockinette in alternating blocks. The reverse stockinette really shows off the thick puffs and the stockinette sets of the textured blocks. I knit it at a very open gauge, more in line with the chubbiest bits of the yarn.

This pattern is one of those instant gratification handspun patterns. The yarn and knitting can both be finished in a weekend, and maybe quicker if life outside of spinning doesn't get in the way.


I saw the trailer for Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society movie this morning and I have to share for my friends who love a good British costume drama. It's one of those rare instances where the movie looks to be better than the book. I thought the book was just ok. The costumes are spectacular, lots of knitwear, all draped on beautiful people.