Crafting with the Crud


I have the the crud, not the flu, but the big old supercalifragilistic cold that's going around.

I need to keep working and want to keep crafting. After years of raising kids and having them generously share their ills with me I've devised a plan to keep moving forward craft-wise with the crud. Here are my three top strategies to keep crafting while I'm cruddy.

I take the barbeque approach, low and slow. I work on something that is low in effort and brain power. I want a project where it won't be a tragedy if I forget to record how I set up my wheel or how many rows I knit or wove. I spin my default yarn if I feel like sitting all the way up. I knit hats and cowls or miles of stockinette on a sweater. I'll weave, but I'll never thread my loom when I'm sick.

I dream and research. This is the perfect time to figure out what my next project or craft is going to be. I take the time to drift and follow all of the rabbit holes; I pile up books and open 50 tabs on my computer.

I tune all the way out. I never love my headphone more than when I'm sick. (Nope, that's I lie, I love them most during preschool storytime when I'm writing at the library.) I crawl into bed or curl on a corner of the couch with a little spinning or knitting and someone talking directly into my ear, an audio book or a movie on my iPad. The whole world goes away and I rest.

Here's hoping you don't get any of the ills that are floating around and that mine is short lived.