Two Color Games That Are Teaching Me About Color

I'm still not feeling too great. I've hit that portion of a big cold where there is little sleeping due to coughing. NyQuil has been a dear, dear friend.

As part of my study of (obsession with) color, I'm trying to become more fluent in recognizing colors and what makes up colors. Does this particular color have a lot of white in it? Is that a grey or brown undertone? I have two games on my iPhone that are helping me practice. Best of all? They are both free.

color match logo.jpg

Color Match  

This game is about recognizing and memorizing colors. You look at a color for three seconds, then try to match it on the next screen.

I can't break 800. My friend Erica who's been an artist for her whole life kills at this game. This is my favorite waiting game.



color match screen shots.jpg
Blendoku logo.jpg



This game has you place colors how they sit in relation to each other on a color wheel.

I just started this one and I'm struggling a little with shades. It's a much more fun way to learn about color relationships than studying  color wheel.

Do you know of any other color games?


Blendoku screenshots.jpg