My Linen Apron - Questions Answered

apron cropped.jpg

This year I started wearing an apron when I teach. It slips over my head and has four massive pockets for tools, samples, my tea thermos and whatnot. It's made of midweight linen.

I have never had so many questions about a garment of clothing before.

Mostly, "Where did you get that". Here are all of the details about my apron. 

I bought mine at an Etsy shop called Not Perfect Linen. The one I have is called : Linen pinafore apron / square cross linen apron / japanese style apron. Washed long linen apron

There are three sizes Petite (xxs,xs,s), Regular (s-m, m, l) and Extra Large (xl-xxl). I have the extra large size. I might shorten it. I'm 5' 3". They will do custom sizing. It might take longer.

It comes in elevenity-billion colors (really 35). Mine is Moss Green. Yes, I want another one. I'm thinking Teal or Grey. I just noticed there are two that are made from a linen-wool blend (squee).

I want to embroider all over mine, but haven't started. I should do a little each time I teach, using yarn made in class. 

Not Perfect Linen has many things that are not aprons. Please don't send me your bill. They are on Instagram. They are busy, but worth the wait. I ordered an apron gift while I was at Ply Away and it just shipped.

Tell me what you buy and what color!

baby apron.JPG

For those of you who thought I was telling tales when I said this apron reminds me of the aprons I've seen sometimes used to evacuate babies in emergencies......