Dallas Fort Worth Fiber Fest - All the Spinners!

I had the best time at the Dallas Fort Worth Fiber Fest! It was crazy-well organized, they treat their teachers wonderfully, the marketplace is fantastic, but it's the people that make it so much fun!

waving collage.jpg

Look at these spinners! They were so clever, willing to work out of their comfort zones, quick with the questions, happy and fun. We all learned a lot over the weekend.


no braids collage.jpg


I need to poke a little fun at these spinners because I said I would. Behold! Spinners that have none or 'just a couple' of hand dyed braids in their stashes. Tragic, really. I believe they may have shopped for some in the market.


knitting and weaving goodness collage.jpg


As  I wandered between and after classes, I was so impressed by the skill on display. Everywhere I looked there was beautiful spinning, knitting and weaving. I spent a fair amount of time touching strangers and talking about their work.


color and grist collage.jpg

There was time to spend with my teacher-friends here, too. I managed to squeeze in time with John Mullarkey and Franklin Habit (who gave a great talk on creativity). Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's and my hair got into the spirit of Texas and became very large in the humidity. We attempted to tame it by drinking beer and talking about the books we're reading, it was a scientific experiment.


louet s10.jpg


I have began to lust after what I think may be my next wheel. I spun on a few Louets in my classes and in the market. I don't need another wheel, but when one starts singing a sweet song to me, it's hard to ignore. 

A huge thank you to all of my students and the volunteers at the DFWFF!

A special thank you to Debi and Emily who made sure I was always in the right place at the right time. Debi, how's that Hansen Pro?