It Takes So Long To Learn New Things

Just some of Austin Kleon’s words of wisdom.

Just some of Austin Kleon’s words of wisdom.

I read and enjoy Austin Kleon's newsletter every week. I always find something interesting and fun to read, watch, listen to or think about. He talks about being creative and doing the work of a creative person. I also like his books Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work, they are short, pithy and I think about the ideas in them a lot.

Every once in awhile there's something in his newsletter that makes me say "Hell, yes" out loud. There was one of those in his newsletter last Friday. It was link to one of his blog posts called A Willingness to Be Bad.

The part that resonated with me like Wile E. Coyote getting clocked with an Acme anvil is how hard it is to learn things. Not just learn new things, but get better at something. Right now I am feeling so much of this. I'm trying to learn something new, weaving, and get better at things I've done for longer spinning, knitting, stitching, and I'm just sucking at it all.

After reading Austin's post and all of the links I realize that I've stopped having patience with myself for sucking (or just staying the same). I'd forgotten that learning is a process that's not always fun and creative, but sticking with something, having that patience to keep trying is how I learn, and really what I enjoy. I'm very much a process not a product person. It was a relief to be reminded.

Check out Austin's blog (he blogs every day), and sign up for his newsletter(it comes out every Friday).