Vermont Sheep and Wool, Heaven on Earth

vermont collage.jpg

I’m on my way back from teaching at Vermont Sheep and Wool, and it was glorious. It’s a smaller show, which I’m finding I like a little better than the giant shows, people have more time to talk and shop, and it moves at a lovely pace.

Or maybe that’s just Vermont. Vermont is one of those place I feel at home when I go, the people and the whole of outdoors there, it feels good to me.

My students here had more questions than anywhere else I’ve taught this year, which is great. I usually tell my students that for each class I have a road I travel on, but I love all of the side trips that questions bring. They even helped me design a another color class!

I ran into Amy Christoffers (and her mom!) who lives nearby. Between hugging and talking about books we’re reading she assisted me in a little shopping. You can see her over there with Peggy of Savage Hart Farm in her Savage Heart cardigan.

I picked up my Carbeth cardigan yarn at Green Mountain Spinnery, Weekend Wool in Pumpkin. I can’t wait to start knitting. I bought some fiber too, but want to spin some samples before I show you. Of course, no eastward trip is every complete without a visit with Isobel in Buffalo.

Now to finish my drive back to Michigan!