Organizing Fiber and Yarn for Work

working corner.jpg

There is something about the fall that makes me want to organize things. Don’t worry this will not become a love song to Marie Kondo, I like having lots of stuff around, a nest, it’s comforting to me. But sometimes my nest overflows.

Making my living at something I also do as a favorite hobby can be tricky when trying to organize all of the stuff. Worse, when I don’t really like to tidy or organize things. A few times a year it gets to be too much and I toss everything up in the air and set it rights.


There are two spots where things really gather for me. I pile and stuff until either I can’t pile anymore or I can’t find something I need. As you know, there’s a lot of stuffing that can happen with fiber and yarn.

My basement is full of my fiber for teaching and most of my fiber for personal spinning. It is now all sorted, like with like, into those big Ikea clear bags and labeled clearly. That is another great use for tyvek wristbands, labeling bags; I will forever be indebted to the Spin Doctor podcast listener who mentioned using them for fiber pursuits.

It really is more organized than the pile other there looks, that was in the middle of it all. Glamourous, no?

The other spot is the top photo. A corner of my family room is my ‘office’. I have a standing desk, a set of shelves, and a couple of carts to organize my working paper, fiber and yarn for classes, articles, reviews, and blog posts that I’m currently or soon to be working on. It’s a lot of moving parts in a small space. I am terrible at putting things back where they belong, but I like it when it’s all there. I may need to implement the Barney clean up song at the end of my day, or not.

I’m about halfway through this corner of my world. Having to wear a brace on my hand from my injury keeps my spinning and knitting time down, but I’m using that time to sort and organize.

What organizing tips do you have for me?