Planning for a Break

Imagine a hammock here…….

Imagine a hammock here…….

I remember summers when I was a kid. We might go on a vacation, but mostly I would play. I would ride my bike, go to the library and check out books to read under a tree, maybe go to the pool. I'd leave the house in the morning and not come back until the dinner time whistle, just spend the day meandering. I would do this for most of the summer.

I can’t remember the last time I drifted for more than maybe one day, getting up with no plan, maybe a direction, but no plan. I did recently have a meandering day with my friend Erica here in town and it was fantastic.

I recently realized I haven’t spun just for fun (deadlines) for almost a year. Things keep stacking up and time runs out. I’m not unhappy, I love the work I do and I love working for myself. But I need a little playtime, time to dabble and to try things, or to do nothing.

The spot in the photo that the arrow is pointing to is where my hammock used to hang. I haven't put it out for two years. I love rading in that thing, even when there are bugs.

I want to take time in August. I would love to take the whole month off, but that may not be possible. I know I can take a couple weeks off with the rest of the time very short work weeks.

I’m energized by just the idea. I know I need to plan carefully and to do extra work now to get ahead.

Have you planned for time off? How did you manage it?