Mason-Dixon Knitting Getaway

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I’m just back from teaching at the Mason-Dixon Knitting Getaway at the Shakerag Workshops in Sewanee, Tennessee. It was 100% like camp for grownups with all fiber fun and booze.

The people, the food , the location were all perfect. It rained a lot and that didn’t dampen (heh) anyone’s spirits.

There were four teachers, I taught weaving yarn bracelets, Ann Weaver taught knitting braids, Sunne Meyer taught Alabama Chanin-style stitching, and Donna Brown taught natural dyeing on sock blanks. Each class was about 2-ish hours long, quick hits of creativity.


My weaving students were fantastic. We had low tech tools, a cardboard loom, a plastic weaving needle, and a fork.

Kay and Ann raided the MDK yarn closet of yarn left over from kits and projects, I brought some ribbon clasp closures and all the beads, buttons, fabric and other goodies that I could find at my thrift stores. I also brought a bunch of novelty yarn. #bringingbackrailroadribbon

bracelet Collage.jpg

From these humble materials my students made glorious and creative bracelets. The weaving was simple once they got the hang of it.

There was a lot of talking and laughing. We sang along to Stevie Wonder and I may have done some dancing.

Of course, since I had a room full of yarn people, I talked about grist, the properties of yarn, and knitting. I even spun yarn to show the difference between woolen and worsted yarns.

It was a whole lot of fun! I’ll talk more about other things that made it special in another post.

people and their bracelets collage.jpg