Electric Eel Wheel Nano - First Thoughts


I’ve spun on my Nano for only a couple of hours, but I know lots of folks are wondering about how it spins.

I didn’t buy the Nano to replace my Hanson (in fact having the Nano may have cemented my desire to upgrade to the Hansen Pro), they are very different machines. I am certainly not comparing them when I spin.

The Nano is tiny, it fits in my small-handed palm. It really likes to spin fine. I spun Merino/silk and some Falkland in several different sizes. Fine was my sweet spot.

It’s very light for good and not so good. It will be lovely to find the perfect carrying box, and be able just to toss it in my bag. But, I was constantly pulling it around while I spun. I’ll be shopping for tiny bungee cords today. There are holes built into the base to help attach the spinner to something heavier.

It only has so much power. Of course, I turned it up as hight as it will go. This is not the machine for spinner who want super fast high twist yarns or giant heavy yarns. I could get high twist and fat yarns on the Nano, but it took more time.

It is so clever and so quiet. The motor is close to silent, it hums. The bit noise from the spinner comes from bobbins rattling slightly on the bobbin shaft. The controls are intuitive for me, and it has magnets to keep the tiny orifice hook in place. I am always losing my orifice hooks.

I bought the Nano for a couple of reasons, to demonstrate how yarn is made when I teach knitters about yarn construction, and to spin yarns to stitch with. Right out of the box I knew the Nano fit the bill perfectly. I’m looking forward to getting to know her a little better, and will write more then.

Also it’s SO CUTE! Even my husband and son who are immune to the siren song of any new fiber tools, were drawn to the Nano’s adorableness.

Here’s a short video of me spinning on it. I’m holding my phone with one hand, so I’m doing a little long draw. You can hear that it’s quiet, I like the little chugging sound it makes. You can see see that when I wind on and try to pull back, the spinner wants to come along. Plus you can see how adorable it is.