Stitching Again


A want-to-do for August happened with a little help from my girlie.

She said something about embroidering before we went on vacation and I jumped online and bought us each a kit from Embroidery and Sage. Her kits are straight forward,well explained, use only a few stitches, and have everything you need including a display hoop and backing felt. You do need your own scissors. She got the cactus kit and I got the forest kit.

Of course, we had no time to stitch on our vacation, but when we got home all the stitching happened. My daughter was a woman on a mission. I set her up with books, videos, a practice hoop and a stitch sampler, which she tore through until she felt she had enough stitches under her belt to tackle her kit. She certainly got the hang of it faster than I did.

I haven’t really stitched for about a year, but I remember that have-to-stitch feeling, and how relaxing it is to stitch. I sat beside her as much as I could answering questions, tying, and untying knots, and stitching.

I even revealed to her all of the preprinted samplers and kits I have in my embroidery stash, and let her rummage through all of my floss. I’m so excited that she’s stitching I let her pick one of my Fat Squirrel bags to keep her projects in.

I bought her the Dropcloth starter kit with two samplers. We took a tour through just a few online shops, Dropcloth, Cozyblue, and Embroidery and Sage. She didn’t really want to look, she wanted to keep stitching.

I was hoping to get back to stitching, but wouldn’t allow myself the time to relax into it. I’m thankful to my girl for leading me back.

I’m teaching at WEBS the weekend after Rhinebeck, October 26/27. They have just posted my classes on their site. Come spin with me!