Sparkly Threads


The end of the summer in the US usually means all kinds of sales. I went to a sale at one of the big box craft stores and came home a happy women with a pocket full of sparkly threads. It’s almost as good as sunshine, but not as catchy. I bought rayon threads, some holo threads, a glow in the dark thread, and some sparkly embroidery floss. They make me so happy that they are still sitting where I took this photo so I can look at them every day.

No, I haven’t started anything with them, but I have plans. Because plans with yarn and thread are what I love.

cozyblue and sparkles.jpg

Here are two of the plans I have for these fabu threads. Two Cozyblue Handmade patterns to stitch, Galaxy Girl and maybe Lunar Blossom.

Other plans I have for those sparklies are spinning some thread plied yarn, some spirals and boucle featuring the glitz for scarf weaving and knitting.

I may do a touch of mending on a commercial sweater with one or one plied with a fine yarn for grip.

Clearly a little shine was key to finding some new ideas for myself. Have you made anything sparkly lately?