Dye Patterns and the Process of Thinking about Color

5 dye styles.jpg

This week I’ve been spinning and thinking about different dye patterns in braids. I don’t know that I will ever get shot of my need to study and experiment with color. Not necessarily how to make it, the dyeing part, but how colors work together in spinning, and how it looks used in knitting or weaving or stitching.

I’m not alone. There are a lot articles and books that have been written about color, and color and spinning. Yesterday I stumbled on an article written a decade ago by Maggie Casey that had I read it when it came out, it could have cut out the need for a lot of my sampling. But I don’t think I would know as much if I hadn’t done the samples myself.

I am definitely a process spinner, I am happiest figuring out how things work, and how I can make them work for me. It makes me happy to pick apart puzzles, it’s why I like to read mysteries too.

My spinning right now is working through five different styles of dyed braids. First seeing how they look spun as a singles, then working through manipulating them a little, and adding a few things in. I see such beauty in the minute changes we can make to our yarn. It’s been a wonderful week of spinning.