A Little Love Affair with Grey

grey fiber .jpeg

I know I'm known for loving all of the colors in the world, but lately I've been staring longingly at naturals, most particularly greys, especially the warm, warm greys, the ones that are almost brown.

I think everyone has a natural that's their favorite. For me I know it will never be white, though I can see the variations. There is something about white that makes me jumpy.

I used to be all in for brown, dirt. I still love it, but now I'm shifting a step toward the greys. Concrete grey, dove grey, that spectacular grey with lavender that is the underside of clouds, ash in the smoker, even angry sky grey. I'm seeing and appreciating it everywhere.

Grey has my heart lately in fiber, there are so many variations within that one color, cool,  toward blue or green or warm toward red, there are even some that I swear have a brusie-y purple cast.

The color that's Oatmeal BFL may be number one for me. I used to think it was just brown, but the more I've looked at it and spun it the more I see that it's grey, a warm, warm grey. 

I can spin these warm greys and not get sick of them and should probably plan a something using several. Using them to mix and blend with other colors at the wheel really does me in, they mellow and enrich other colors like other naturals can't.

All the stones, elephants, sweatshirts, the perfect grey cat. my grey hairs, and so many sheep.

What natural is your favorite?