Tiny Weaving Samples

12 EPI, left and 10 EPI, right

12 EPI, left and 10 EPI, right

I did two small weaving samples while I was on the road. They may be small, but they tell me enough for a simple scarf. I used two colors of Harrisville Shetland, plum and lime, and two Wee Weavers from Purl and Loop, with setts of 10 and 12 epi.

My sample are tiny 3”x 3” - ish, but they told me what I wanted to know. I was curious about hand, and how to work my colors. The sett I liked is 10. 12 showed the color effects better, but was just a little stiff for a scarf. It would make great fabric to sew. I was all set on the 12, but then I finished the samples and the 10 bloomed so nicely.

pur-green sample close.jpeg

I threaded the little looms with an inch in each color, an inch alternating colors, and wove then in the same pattern. My edges are still a work in progress; I’ll get there.

I originally thought I would do several patterns in the scarf, but now I’m not so sure. I really like the bits that are mostly purple with a hit of green - center bottom and middle left, with my next pick being the center one.

Since the middle and bottom center are threaded in the same pattern I’m going to focus on those.

I could do the scarf half and half horizontally or vertically. Edge in one and use the other for the center, or split the scarf vertically by pattern and switch the play of colors halfway through the weaving.

What do you think?

Did you say, sample more? I thought so.