tinyStudio Magazine


I subscribed to tinyStudio as soon as it was available and was eager to read my first issue. I really enjoyed the Big Book of Fibery Rainbows and have followed the work of Suzy Brown for awhile. Suzy is joined by Evanita Montalvo and Arlene Thayer in this creative adventure..

tinyStudio is not a spinning magazine or I should say it’s not just a spinning magazine. It uses spinning as the base for a creative mindfulness practice and for adding creativity into your life. There are layers to tinyStudio, if you aren’t interested in creative mindfulness there is good and interesting crafting and making information too.

Suzy loves and lives a minimalist creative life. She talks a lot about paring down without restricting, having just what you need, and how it makes her more creative.


You know how sometimes you say a person has a beautiful soul? Well I would say that about this magazine. The photos are stunning clear, and full of texture. The articles are varied, from what you expect from a spinning magazine, yarn and tool how-tos, reviews, a breed study, and articles on dyeing. What makes this magazine unique are the other things that Suzy has layered in. Things like the opening article about how mindfulness and working within her environment led a spinner to create art from grass. There is a recipe for tea, and articles on honoring imperfection, finding your flow and how letting go is the path to mastery. I found myself scanning the articles I might find in other magazines and really digging in and sometimes rereading bits of the articles that are the true heart of the magazine.

I’m looking forward to my second issue.

The facts

  • Quarterly

  • Digital magazine, PDF and ePub format

  • 123 pages (this issue)

  • There is a video library for subscribers with new videos for each issue. I haven’t visited it yet.

  • $4.95, per month, charged monthly.