The App That Helps Me Get Spinning Done

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Dear Libby, I love you.

Libby by Overdrive is a free app that hooks up to my library and allows me to download and listen to audiobooks or read ebooks.

Audiobooks help me focus when I’m spinning (or cleaning the house), and help me relax when I just want to check out.

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I could never figure out how to use Overdrive. I was born way before apps; I remember saving my money for the first Walkman.

For me Libby just works. I can search by what’s available, by type (ebook or audiobook), see the book cover (because it matters!), and can hear or read a sample (also matters!).

I can put books on hold and the app tells me approximately how long I’ll be in line, and I get a notification when my book is ready for me. I can see clearly how much longer I have to finish a book.

I can speed up my audiobook if the reader is slow, and it has a magnificent sleep setting. The perfect, for me, 30 minute countdown, then it shuts off. I also use Libby a lot when I have insomnia.

Did mention it’s free? Audible just isn’t in my budget right now, and Libby does the trick for me.


I’m enjoying my do something creative everyday December. So far I’ve spent most of my days knitting and weaving in ends on a sweater. But I’ve also colored, watercolored, and figured out how to draw cups.

I’ve never been very comfortable drawing or doodling, so I checked out a bunch of Ed Emberley kids drawing books from the library to play with, and they are fun!