Unsticking December More or Less

drawing collage.jpg

I’ve been doing a little creative something every day this month so far, emphasis on the little. I’ve always wanted to be able to doodle little things, but am intimated by drawing. So, I got an Ed Emberley book out of the library and started drawing little faces in his style. Then I found a Japanese drawing book, that has more things than people to try out.

I feels really awkward and good at the same time, even just 10 minutes.

color collage.jpg

I bought myself a giant box of colored pencils, and have been coloring in a tiny coloring book while watching Christmas movies. I’m kinda into the sappy Christmas movies this year.

embrodery fu.jpg

Not everything has been going smoothly. I tried to embroider in a mostly dark car, and made a wonky, wonky flower. It was supposed to be an outline and it looks like hatching. I’m going to leave it and stitch around it in bright light, because I think the wonky stitches are funny.

So far I haven’t found the big swaths of time I had envisioned, but I’m playing, dabbling and having fun.

Next week is Christmas, but our family is doing most of our celebrating this week. We’re headed to Chicago to see Hamilton, our family’s gift to ourselves.

I hope everyone gets a day or two off next week and uses some of the time to play. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, happy lounging day to everyone else!