A Case and Little Tools for My Nano

cormo spin.jpg

I still am having a great time spinning on my Nano. I seem to not have a lot of the noise and take-up issues some folks have. I’m currently spinning some Cormo, usually with the Nano just sitting on my lap.

If you have a Nano, or are thinking about a Nano I’d encourage you to join the Electric Eel Wheel Group on Facebook , there is so much good information being shared.

case collage.jpg

I found a great case for my Nano, it’s a Namaste Maker’s Train Case. Right now it’s the perfect fit, for the wheel, cords, a few bobbins, and fiber. I still would like to get a small firm case that just holds the wheel, protected inside my bigger knitting bag for when I want to travel with multiple craft projects.

toys so far.jpg

I’ve bought a few tools for my wheel, all were suggestions from the Nano group. I repurposed a battery from my Hansen (and got a bigger battery for my Hansen), a USB light to keep the battery from switching off, a foot switch, and some sticky mat to keep from my wheel from sliding around.

I’m using the stuff I use to keep rugs (and bigger spinning wheels) from sliding on wooden floors, but lots of people are using silicone pot holders under their Nanos.

The next time I’m at Michael’s I’ll be picking up a few beads to mark my brake band.